My name is Isla, and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but I’m originally from Warwickshire, England. When I was in school, I dropped history as soon as I could, finding it dry and boring. I regret this immensely. Today, history is something I want to learn more about every day, whether it’s Ancient Rome or World War Two.

The Blog

My inspiration was listening to other history podcasts, in particular the British History Podcast by Jamie Jeffers, and the History of England podcast by David Crowther. I wanted to find a new and unique way to look at British history, and this is where the alphabetical idea comes in. It’s a logical ordering, while allowing me to touch on many different events across a single episode.

I really hope you enjoy the blog. Please leave comments if you have any questions. Apologies in advance if your home is missed – my A to Z map misses out a few of the smaller hamlets.